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Piet Fourie

It is difficult to fully express in words what this challenge and exercise has meant to me, thank you for the mind altering experience. 

This challenge has led me to permanently acquire positive and worthy habits to enrich my present and future life. Some of these habits which I previously, enviously believed were out of reach have now automatically become part of my life. These changes are permanent and I do not have to repeat what I have made my own. In future new challenges for growth and development await.
Each and every day is initiated with "quiet time", contemplating and exercising my religion. I find that this prepares me for the day ahead no matter what lies in wait. I positively concentrate and think much more about long term goals. My day is concluded by saying" thank You".
I find that I constantly check myself before speaking, listen more attentively and have in my dealing with other people become less self centered.(This was part of what I was aiming for regarding "relationships" in my challenge).
Although I still have some work stress that must be further alleviated in future, a kind of peace and acceptance has descended on me causing me to approach life with more confidence and ease.
This challenge was only the starting point, there is still so much possibility for improvement. I will personally repeat the challenge again as I now have developed a sensitivity to the endless possibilities for personal growth and development. The Kaizen principle will become a lifestyle, this challenge was only the beginning. Perseverance will play a major role.
I have experienced a tremendous advancement in my way of thinking and seeing the bigger picture.
My mind has been reclaimed and I consciously filter out what is not necessary or negative ,I find however that I still have to work at it on a daily basis.
Although the daily lessons were inspiring and thought provoking ,I saw the mind exercises as the backbone of the programme to be repeated and expanded in future. The " world within" has been opened for me ,I now accept that it is the state of my mind that will create my future for me.

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