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Quinton Van Reede van Oudtshoorn

I have always been miserable in everything I do, because I always wanted something bigger and better.  I used to wake up in the morning and try to convince myself that I need to get up and go to work to get a pay slip the end of the month.  “That’s where money comes from”, I tried to convince myself.  You have to work hard to get somewhere in life.  I always knew that this wasn’t true, but I had to convince myself to be able to go forward in life. 

I am very successful in my career and my determination paid off.  I do get a good salary every month and I don’t have to worry about money that much.  I still can’t go where I want to go and do what I want to do, but at least I can survive quite comfortably.
I was always on the lookout for something better though...not really financially, but something more...something greater.  At the time I didn’t really know what it was, but then I realised that I need comfort, love and freedom.  I was on the lookout for those things and tried to find it with all means possible.  I researched the internet and literally wasted money on internet marketing.  I say wasted money, because I didn’t know exactly what to do and how to create wealth.  
I then stumbled across a website called www.hannesdreyer.co.za.  I had a look and I saw Hannes taking on a challenge to make R10 000 000.00 in 5 years using less than a R1 000.00.  This sounded quite interesting and I decided to join the club.  I wanted to see how this was done, because I tried everything in the book and couldn’t even make a R1 000.00 using R5 000.00.
I became a Wealth Creator Mentor Student and my life just turned around.  I knew exactly what I needed to do to become wealthy.  I need to learn, learn, and learn from someone who’ve done it before.  I started with the Kaizen Challenge and man oh man, did that change my life.
I was starting to feel positive for the first time in my adult life.  I could see people changing, or so I thought.  It was in actual fact me changing and seeing the positive in people instead of the negative.  I believe in the Supreme Power now and that everything I do will have an impact on something else.  By thinking and being positive I can now see positive things happening.  Forget about the news.  This just brings you back to negative thoughts.  Make and be your own news.   Create hope and happiness is what I did and am still doing.  
I’m now starting my own online business and I know it’s going to be very successful.  It’s not something I have to wonder or worry about, because I already know what the end result is going to be.  This is what makes the Kaizen Challenge so powerful.  The fact that you know what’s going to happen if you’re positive...
I also have a wonderful little boy and with all the freedom I’m going to have by using the principles learned from the Challenge, I know he’s going to have the best parents in the universe.  I know he’s going to be a positive little boy and I’m going to teach him the right mindset and way of thinking from the start.
You also have to believe in your creator, the Superior Being.  I go down on my knees every night and praise the Lord for everything wonderful in my life.  He provided when I needed the most.  My Spiritual life has changed dramatically the past few months.  Instead of blaming God for everything bad in this world, I’ve decided to thank Him for everything GOOD.  By doing this, he has provided me with more than just abundance...He’s provided me with peace and tranquility.
I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning in this letter, but I’ve also made a change in my body.  I’ve always been a skinny little boy, but have picked up quite a bit of weight the last couple of years.  I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, but I didn’t really do anything about it.  I just complained and let it be.  I decided to loose the weight and set myself a target goal.  
I then went on and set myself weekly goals too.  It’s easier to have a small goal which is part of a big goal than to have a big goal and you don’t know how you’ll get there.  I stayed on par with my weekly goals of loosing weight and lost exactly what I needed in the end.  I’m very proud of myself and I look great...I now have other goals in mind, but that’s for a different story....
Thank you for this opportunity to express some of the changes in my life.  I know that the Kaizen Challenge has had a huge impact on my life.


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Riaan Van Der Walt
I have read a number of books, been on most of Dr. Hannes Dreyers courses and currently I’m on the mentors coarse (week 33) which has supplied me with a lot of tools and skills, to enable myself to reach my goals financially and my goals in other areas of my life. Read more...
Johan Van Der Merwe
WOW!! Hannes, this is what I have to say. Absolutely mind blowing. I have done your Powermorphing seminar in 2006, but have always struggled, as if something was missing. I am sure that Read more...
Hendrik Wolfaardt
I was fortunate enough to meet Hannes at a reasonably early age in my life and I cannot even start to explain how much I have changed since then. I want to thank the Lord for putting this remarkable man who is willing to share his knowledge and experience with anyone on my path. If you are reading this and are looking for a quick fix solution to your Read more...
Emile Fitzmaurice
  I am best in the mornings - fact.   I therefore have altered my routine to have Spiritual - Physical - Mental  time first thing, then Financial and later in the day Relationship time when I am more mellow.   I need to specifically address the Financial aspects and include them earlier  - this is one Read more...
Coennie Bezuidenhout
When I started this challenge, I was not aware or certain where it would take me or where it would lead me but I knew in my hart that it would be good and mind as well as life changing.  I actually also hoped that doing this challenge will make a difference in my slavery life. I had to get Read more...