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Riaan Van Der Walt

I have read a number of books, been on most of Dr. Hannes Dreyers courses and currently I’m on the mentors coarse (week 33) which has supplied me with a lot of tools and skills, to enable myself to reach my goals financially and my goals in other areas of my life.

The Kaizen Challenge for me was the cherry on the top.  Firstly I’m in West Africa with no communications sometimes, and have three kids who wake up early, so that meant I had to really wake up with the sparrows to get through the challenge and do the exercises in the morning before I’m off to work.  The feeling of accomplishment once I had carried out the 49 days, the experience was really rewarding. It was part of my goals for 2008 and now I have moved onto the next.
Why I say the Kaizen Challenge is the “cherry on the top” of all the courses, book and seminars, is that it helps you to focus on you and only you can fix you, the world within. It helps you to realize that you need to have individual thought and that there is more out there in the world than what we perceive there to be, what you want from this world and how you go about it is entirely up to you, there’s limitless abundance, isn’t it great to know that?
I have really been able to focus on what need to be done since the challenge each day, to enable me to get closer to my ultimate goal that I have set myself and the law that states like attract like, well It’s true.
I really enjoyed the meditation in the morning, which helps me focus and gain clarity on my thoughts and focus. I never realized what damage anger, fear, greed, resentfulness, bitterness, discord (deurmekaar) no inner peace has on an individual since the challenge, and I must say you really pick it up in people today as you become so acutely aware of those negative energies after the challenge.
The idea that I will be able to give back to this world by becoming who I want and by reaching my goals really appeals to me.
In a nutshell, I’m really focused on my goals, I’m focused, energetic, you name it. A lot in the of the information in the mentorship program falls into place now too.
I have started reading books by Charles Haanel since the challenge, rather interesting I might add, and other books prescribed in the challenge. I’m having a go at Tony Robbins at the moment and carrying out his coarse material. The meaning of kaizen will continue to apply all the sections of my wheel of life.
Lastly, Hannes thanks for all the information you and your team has put together over the years which has helped many people like myself achieve a life of abundance.

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