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Richard Ingram

Let me first say I have followed your Mentorship program for two years now and I know what an amazing teacher you are already, but it was only once I started the Kaizen Challenge that I realized how deep your knowledge is. I now truly understand the passion you have to improve people's lives and I’m extremely grateful for meeting and learning from you.

The last 49 days have been awesome. There have been a few challenges but this course has taught me how to deal with them with ease. I have read the Master Key System by Charles Haanel twice and I will continue to read it often, as the knowledge in this one book is priceless. I have been on a journey of ‘self discovery’ for the past 6 months now and it is truly amazing how you attract the things into your life when you need them most and that is how I came across the kaizen challenge!
The biggest change in my life over the past 49 days has been the realization and true understanding of the fact that I create my life. That everything that happens in my life is due to past experiences and more importantly my past thoughts and mental attitude. This knowledge has truly changed me. I have always tried to be positive but until this challenge I did not realize how even the smallest negative thought can affect my life in the biggest way.
My understanding and realization of the fact that I am truly a creator, is the ‘Master Key’. I now know and have experienced the results in my own life that the combination of Visualization + Attention/Concentration + Emotion = Manifestation. I have manifested amazing results in my life already and have the power to create any condition I desire in the future. This knowledge has truly set me free and it excites me like nothing before to be able to share it with others who are keen to learn.
All the theory in the Kaizen Challenge is great, but it is the practical application which has really given me deep and profound understanding of how powerful my thoughts and subconscious mind are. I now know that my thoughts are true living things that create my world around me. The practical exercises really put me in contact with my subconscious mind and the ‘Universal Mind’. I feel an incredible energy inside and around me all the time and it is the best feeling in the world.
A big eye opener has been my understanding and connection to the ‘Universal Mind’. I have never quite agreed with the conventional view of God as most religions teach it, it’s just never sat right with me. But through the Kaizen challenge and other amazing books I have come to a much clearer understanding of Life, our connection to God and each other and the interpretation of Bible. Let’s just say, when you know the Truth, you really know and feel the Truth.
Realizing the ‘truth’ or Master Key to life has made me happy beyond words, taught me to be relaxed, and truly grateful for my life. I am also very excited about the future and what I will create for myself, my family and those around me. But at the same time I have learnt to be happy and grateful for my life as it is now!
My average day starts with the lesson from the kaizen challenge, followed by the practical exercise. I find this quiet time to myself in the morning the best way to start the day and probably the biggest change I have made in my daily routine. I then go to gym for a good workout. These two things combined get me really energized and I find my days going really smoothly.
The second change to my daily life is writing down my daily goals in the morning and reviewing them at the end of the day. I always seem to achieve my goals without even realizing it sometimes. It is these small but significant achievements that will get me to my bigger goals and help me to expand further on what I want to achieve in life.
I think continuing this challenge over the next year and further will be easier the longer I keep my new daily habits in place. My new routine is already a habit and something I look forward to everyday. This along with the results and achievements I have made in the past 49 days means I will not go back to my old habits and conditioning. I do realize that there will be challenges as I progress but with persistence and repetition I will continue to grow.
We are all on a journey to grow, we cannot stand still. We need to keep moving forward and that is what I will do. Since starting the Kaizen Challenge I have literally learnt or gained a better understanding of something new every day and it’s that hunger for knowledge that will keep me inspired to continue learning. The results I have seen in my life over the past 49 days also inspire me to grow further and are evidence that what you have taught in this challenge is the absolute truth.
You need to commit to this challenge 100% in order for it to have an effect in your life. The commitment is actually a small one but the results are extraordinary! Daily effort is required to consciously control your thoughts and that is in my opinion the most difficult thing to do. Other than that, finding some quiet time to yourself everyday might be tough at first but once you do find the time you will realize how important it really is. It was tough for me sometimes to set time aside, because my old conditioning would make excuses why it’s ok to miss a day. But now the habit is set and I find starting the day with an hour of quiet time and introspection does wonders to keep me focused and energized throughout the day.
I know I will achieve all my goals and will be truly wealthy, in most areas of my life I am already very wealthy. Through this challenge I have learnt to be very grateful for my life and to be happy every day, right now. If I keep looking to a future date to be truly happy I will never get there, how I feel right now in this moment is the only thing that matters because with that attitude the future can only be bright.
Once again, thank you for this challenge. It has really helped me grow and I look forward to learning more and experiencing a wonderful fulfilled life.

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