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Rika Geyser

I saw what a difference The Challenge made to my brother’s life. Not necessarily financial, although it is going well in that department. It is difficult to really pinpoint the real difference – it just looks like everything flows.
I did The Challenge with sport in my mind.
At first I would set my tasks, race off to do them, come home mark then a.s.a.p so that I don’t have a anything else than a green dot for the day. For me to change, I have to NOT race, not rush off and see how quickly I can finish my tasks.
Personal development is no race; this is why The Challenge is 49 days and not a 3 day sprint. In this ‘race’ for personal development there is only me, I am the winner in 49 or 149 days.
Setting goals, targets, making plans is nothing new to me. For me to be an Olympic Champion I need to row X km in a week, lift Y amount of reps at Z weight, at stroke rate AI need to be at a speed of B/500m. I know what I have to do to be able to race for an Olympic spot.
To gain 15 years experience in 10 months is something very different. I need to do something different than all the other competitors: Power vs. Force.
I am a sculler. My boat is 8m long and 28 cm wide and weighs 14kg. You just turn your head to quickly and you’ll fall in. It is a power-endurance sport with a huge technical aspect to make things interesting – you need to be fit, strong and technically sensitive, balance all three to be successful.
During a race I often find myself saying I need to work harder, pull harder, I am falling behind. Lungs burning, muscles screaming, energy stores empty I manage to get something together and really crank on the oars, I am working as hard as never before but no speed gain. How can that be? I am putting more in and it looks like I am not going any faster but hurting a whole lot more.
This is a trend in my life. I am putting much more in, so much more effort, so much more pain and nothing more to show for it. If I put more in then I should get more out.
What am I missing?
The Challenge showed me to focus on the end result. What do I want? Somewhere somehow I will find the way. Instead of pulling harder, I should just go faster - I will figure it out somehow. The more I force the boat through the water the more waves I am creating and the slower I go. When I think about power and working with the boat I gain speed and it feels effortless.
I started enjoying my rowing more. I would usually complain when we out for longer than 90min. I am hungry, can’t concentrate for so long and a whole lot of scientifically proven reasons why anything over 90 min is a waste.
Lately if we out for two hours I don’t complain. I take a camera with me in the boat and take some pictures. Previously I saw wonderful things while on the water but it had to jump out at me. Now I look for things and find the most interesting beautiful scenes. Sometimes the water is so flat that one cannot see where the water ends and the land starts; it’s a complete mirror image.
Through my (1)49 day journey I have discovered that I do a lot of things that are right, or good for me but there is also a lot of clutter. Things that does not necessarily hurt me but it gets in the way and keeps me from doing the right things really well. In sculling it’s the ‘clutter’ that slows the boat down, just look around too often of wiggle around in the boat and it loses speed. The more clutter there is, the less likely you are to hear the boat running effortlessly through the water.
Most of all I had a mindset change.
If I want to do it, I can. No matter what anybody else say. I am constantly surrounded by people that tell me that it can’t be done and why. I use to listen to what they said and ended up with huge conflict within myself. I can, I can’t, I can, I can’t. I started surrounding me with people that think it can be done, positive, passionate people, people that love life.
Things that I have discovered during The Challenge:
I have to take responsibility because I control my own destiny.
For me to grow I have to get out of the comfort zone and explore the unfamiliar zone.
Get to the end result with power instead of forcing a path/plan.
The most important for me though is passion; enjoy what I do and that I am happy while doing it.

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