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Robert Martin

I approached the Kaizen Challenge at first very skeptically mainly due to the fact that I have already started reading self improvement books and though I know it all already. I had some successes but mainly failures (and mostly in terms of money). I never realized why as I thought as I exhibiting the right behaviors and attitude. I started a couple of businesses with friends (which failed) and invested money into different schemes (also had major losses) - and strangely never stopped throwing money after "schemes" as I thought this was the right thing to do - given my "High propensity to take risk!!!!"

I approached the Kaizen Challenge very much as I approached the HD mentorship when I first enrolled for it in 2005. I read the weekly HD reports but never really implemented. I guess my approach was intellectual. I then said to myself I can do it for myself and decided to cancel the stop order. Obviously nothing came from this "good intention"
Thanks to the fact that Hannes never took me off his mailing list and about 6 months after cancelling I read one of the emails and decided to visit the website again. Then I read about the Executive Mentoring package and after careful thought decided to enroll. I took an active decision this time that I was not going to waste my money - I needed to see a return. I made up my mind that I would measure my return on investment carefully. Due to this decision I took up the Kaizen Challenge
I started with the Kaizen challenge very hesitantly and skeptically. For the first couple of days I just went through the motions. Although I started out planning in all areas as listed, I quickly realized I would not make a success if I did not change my mindset. I then stopped concentrating on the other areas and focused mainly on working on my mental state. I realized that if I can change my mindset all the other areas will automatically fall into place.
This actually worked for me as the course more and more confirmed my decision to be a good one: "Thoughts determine actions which determines results.
The biggest value for me though from participating in the Kaizen challenge was the realization that I had it in me all the time to be truly successful in all areas of my life. It hit me like a brick when I found out the truth about myself and my biggest shortcoming - I JUST NEVER TOOK RESPONSIBILITY!!! This was the reason for my business failures and my investment failures!!! This was truly a Big Revelation to me!!
Now my life has changed for good. and I look forward to enjoy the rest of my life with my family for the greater good of myself, all others concerned and the greater good of the Almighty.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity... As far as the car is concerned if it has to come to me it will come!!

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