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Robin Clark

The first physical change that Kaizen Challenge has made to me is starting my day off the same way – with reading and silence. This has given me the clarity of mind, each day, to see what issues are troubling me and what I need to do to sort out those issues. I find I am now able to look at the “bigger picture” each day instead of panicking about small issues. I often used to let fear and anxiety cloud my vision. I now find that I can easily control those emotions – even when I wake up at 4H00 in the morning in some silly panic!

Spiritual changes: When I was young, religion was an important part of my life. As I grew up in boarding schools, the constant pressure of indoctrination forced me further away from churches leading to my current view of mistrust of anything religious. As a scientist, however, the spiritual concepts introduced in the Kaizen Challenge make perfect sense.
Consider the idea of a single entity, the Spirit, which is part of each individual and permeates the entire Universe. (It is inconceivable that the equilibrium within the Universe is simply an “accident of Nature.”) Then the negative manifestations caused by negative thoughts of individuals on earth are a tiny speck of disquiet in the Universal scheme. And so it is encouraging to think that a growing number of these individuals, taught to seek the truth, could very quickly change the status quo simply by the effects of their positive thinking on their acquaintances. I can see the results already in my close relationships.
My marital relationship has had the most striking change of all. And it was easy! By simply introducing ONLY POSITIVE inputs into our relationship – on a daily basis – the changes are incredible. Why? Perhaps much of the conflict of the past was my negative thinking and actions? Perhaps my positive inputs have influenced my wife’s actions? Maybe both? Positive actions over 7 weeks have radically changed my negative perceptions of a 20 year relationship. Remarkable!
The Kaizen Challenge has been a journey. Involving changes of years of programming. I feel that I consider things in a much broader – almost grander sense now. I don’t let small negative issues get in my way. Though I have to say that I can still see a huge growth to come in this area. I have come to see things in myself that I don’t like and that I want to change. I still have to overcome procrastination – maybe tomorrow! But I will do it. I have found an increased energy and almost an impatience to learn and achieve more.
What has struck me is that my average day includes a lot of thinking! In the past I didn’t have time to think. I still feel the need to refine the thoughts that I have and I am sure that the concentration of my thoughts is one of those areas of growth that I will work on. It is amazing though, that the seemingly obvious idea that any problem can be solved by simply thinking about it, is so often not understood.
I will introduce into my Inbox, a written list of daily goals in a similar format to that in the Challenge. I will make that a habit so that it becomes part of my routine – much like the Kaizen Challenge has become over the last few weeks. I believe that I have the qualities required but I will need to introduce some discipline in my organization of things. For this I have read an excellent book which I will use to implement a system in my office. (Getting Things Done – David Allen)
One word – education. I gave up my JOB 2 years ago and have used this time to educate myself. However a lot of the input that I have received is just a lot of “noise”. The Kaizen Challenge has started me off trying to filter out the important information from the rest. I will be working on that aspect most of all.
It is important to start your day in contemplation. Once you have thought about what you want to achieve – every day – the rest is easy. Also if you are not able to achieve everything that you had planned, then remember to resist any feelings of anxiety. Clear thought will always produce positive results. Procrastination has led to anxiety which has prompted positive thought which will banish procrastination. Work in progress!
Challenges? Well changing the beginning of my day – every day. Some days I just could not do it due to physical issues. That will change slowly as I change my lifestyle to the way I want to live. One of the challenges was sometimes assimilation of the concepts some days. However the further I got into the Challenge, the easier it got.
My dream is to be WEALTHY! But wealth does not mean to me what it did before I met Hannes. I want to be wealthy in all aspects of my life and I believe that applies to everybody. Most people think that monetary wealth will help them achieve wealth in the other areas of their lives whereas all Wealth Creators realize that is incorrect.
I want that special place that gives me peace as soon as I drive into the driveway. For my peace
I want my wife to have that special house she has been waiting for, for so long. For her peace
I want to learn to fly. An old passion newly resurrected.
I want to teach my son what I have just learned at the age of 50 before he even leaves school so that he can start his life as a Wealth Creator. What better gift?
I want to be able to help others that cannot help themselves. What satisfaction!
I don’t want to ever have to consider money as an issue. Financial independence!

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