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Ronel Burger

I always thought that I am a positive person but as soon as I started the Kaizen Challenge and become aware of my thoughts, I realized how many were negative. 

I started immediately to become more aware and change it to positive. My whole life changed, I feel good everyday and the “ me time” in the mornings helps me with that, even if I feel a little low just by reading through the lesson.
It changes my relationships: my husband sometimes comes home and then we will have what I now call a concert as soon as I have made the positive change, his attitude also change positive and it show me that he was reflecting my negativity and just by changing my thoughts our whole relationship change to a new level and that after 21 years of married life .
My health change I haven’t had the flu this year and my approach to life change and it make me feel good and a live. It proves that thought precedes actions and results.
All though with the help of your Property Pro course we have become property millionaires, I have had this dissatisfied feeling because I couldn’t reach my cash flow goal for now.
Through the course and a better understanding of Powermorphing, I became aware that there is conflict between my conscious and subconscious. As soon as I changed that, things started to happen, when we increased one of the bonds about 4 years ago I asked them why the 1,5% penalty and the reply was the bond amount is more then 80% of the value of the property, I totally forgot about it and then while busy with the course it popped up in my mind and by removal of the penalty, our cash flow improve with R1000.00 p/m after tax and with other similar existing but not applied changes our cash flow is now on target.
With a shock I also realize that one of the problems areas is our budgeting, we correct it, then we start drifting into consumerism, we correct it by breaking it down in weeks (smaller steps). One of my goals at the Powermorphing course in Feb 2007 was to go to Egypt; my flight is leaving on the 30 Aug 2007.
It is actually scary and exciting that thought can have so much impact and it shows me to be very, very careful of what I think.
I am doing the challenge again because I want an insight and better understanding, one miss so much the first time and the past has taught me to do revisions.
The things I need to broaden my mind are coming from all directions, and are becoming part of my makeup and attitude.
It is important to start your day with the “ me time” and in the beginning it was hard for me to get up 15 min earlier in the middle of winter, now I am increase it to ½ hour and want to increase it to 1 hour, the Kaizen principal (small steps of constant improving).

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