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Roy Cloete

This moment is light years away from where I found myself 2 years ago. It is at once the exciting end of a 49 day challenge that seemed to evolve from a two year journey, yet at the same time it has magic wrapped up in it like any wonderful new experience upon which one is about to embark, like getting married to your sweetheart or departing on a wonderful highly anticipated holiday. There is just a ‘magic’ electricity charge in my atmosphere. The expectation is tangible! 

I am by no means a biologist of any description, but have always marveled at the miracle of a larva metamorphosis that flights a butterfly into a new freedom. My two year journey has been one on which expectation and promise have steadily increased, even I might add, in the very real, to the edge, testing of my family’s financial survival. I have felt in the spirit that God is taking me into a ‘new place’ that will catapult my life and that of my darling wife and precious kids into a whole new space. Incredibly, as I set out not knowing the path but knowing that there is one, I have found direction that I have taken by faith. So too, Hannes, when I first came across your teaching. I did not know why, but I had little doubt that this was part of my destiny. My steps at times have been tentative, at times scoffed by family, but I have applied your law of investing in myself diligently for two years…I have noticed how my mindset is shifting. I participated in your property workshop, I read – your teachings and that of others that seem to say similar things, yet the butterfly still remained a mystery to this larva.
Then the Kaizen Challenge was placed in my path. Again I faced a decision – do I shelve it for a time when it seems affordable, in both monetary and time terms, or do I make the decision by faith that this investment will deliver returns that are worthwhile, take responsibility and make the financial and time investment?
Let’s just say that, at the end of the 49 days I can say that I believe your challenge has helped me to find the magic that happens inside the pupa. I have begun life as the butterfly now and have an irrepressible anticipation of freedom … flight at last! 
So, what about the challenge or should I say CHALLENGE! Despite knowing without a doubt that I wanted to take on this, I was met with challenges on more fronts than I anticipated. 
The discipline required of getting into the habit of ‘me’ time at the beginning of my day was not easy – I had to overcome so many thoughts that I don’t have the time, blah, blah, blah…especially since the kids get us up by 05h30 anyway, demanding our attention. What a joy, though, to have grabbed onto a wonderfully enriching and empowering time that sets my day on course for creating the destiny I desire.
Setting goals was a challenge. I have for a long time believed in setting goals in various areas in my life but they have always been vague or overstated or forgotten about and so on …the short of it – I’ve appreciated the value but been bad at the discipline. Admittedly, during the challenge I was also often uncertain as to where to next – Are the goals meant to be incremental with a master goal or plan in mind? Should they relate to the subject of the daily lessons? How do the have to be structured to have the greatest effect? Well, I finally realized that for me, right now, their value lay in the daily action of setting and acting on them. The refinement, the focus, the deeper structures and purposes will evolve – Kaizen will see to that! For now it is really good that in the five critical areas of my life I think of and do something that has positive value every single day!  
There were a number of other challenges too, but the most important one, I think, was one that required merging, testing, expanding, questioning, evaluating, weighing up, analyzing, criticizing, judging, rethinking, re-imagining, re-inventing…
I’m speaking of my mind, my beliefs, my information filters, my viewpoints – in essence the non-physical substance of me. I am somewhat philosophical in nature, but I also have a strong belief in God who is intimately and personally involved in my life. It was, perhaps, this belief in God that presented the biggest challenge. I say this simply because of what that belief has largely been based on … man’s interpretation and doctrine of God’s word which has become the primary filter by which ‘truth’ has been weighed in my life and separated from the chaff.  Two years ago, what you have shared in the lessons of the Kaizen challenge would have summarily been dismissed as ‘new age fluff’ or worse, ‘deception’. Yet, by His incredible grace and His love for me, God has slowly opened my eyes to new ways of seeing His immovable Word, that require far more spiritual accountability than following sets of rules and guidelines layed down by man for the interpretation and application of scripture. Even so, Hannes, as a Christian, when I started reading about Universal Mind and other holistic types of descriptions there was an immediate barrier to overcome. It was in no small measure due to your proclamation of being a Christian that I thought there has to be more hiding here than my filters were allowing me to admit initially, and that I pressed on, searching for truth. The deeper I delved, the more I could see that the descriptions and turns of phrase were doing no more than stating what scripture already tells me – simply in a different, and often more enlightened idiom than traditional teaching has ever allowed me to see. I now reassure myself, that my standard for testing a statement lies firmly in the Word of God and if I am prepared to be open minded in what I hear at first, I have invariably found that it is not in contradiction but in illumination of the Creator’s creative power given to us in His word.
During the challenge I have taken time to contemplate again, scripture that holds absolutely phenomenal significance, once you see it with a new appreciation. Scriptures that relate concepts such as Christ being in the Father and the Father in Him and He in us… that is not just the Sunday school teaching or average church goers understanding of a deep sense of belonging such as you would have in close knit family… that’s an INCREDIBLE statement of the fullness of the Creator infused within us, His Spirit in resonance with ours if we will only learn to be still enough to ‘tune into His frequency’. Wow – why would Jesus have had no hesitation in saying (John 14v12) “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things ….” Surely it is not a difficult statement to make when you know that the creative Spirit of God resides in someone? By the same token, our oneness with the omnipotent “I Am” surely positions us to say to a mountain ‘be cast in the sea’ if we have the faith and do not doubt.
I could probably go on and on as to how the process of the Kaizen Challenge has taken me on a journey of uncovering the magic that I believe I can begin to grasp in my hands and use to weave the future that I believe God would have me co-create with Him as authors and finishers of my destiny.
This is going to you pretty much from the heart and unedited. I hope it makes sense. If I have appeared to have gone off on a tangent – sorry – I’m just excited! Thank you very much for the 49 day challenge. It DEFINITELY DOES NOT END HERE! I am still wrapping my mind around the firewalk…I can see the value in that challenge but still need some mind shifts to manifest… I look forward to enrolling for your Powermophing workshop together with my sweetheart sometime in 2008.
I would like to take the opportunity to add another brief report of Kaizen victory in my life. 
In January this year (after completing my challenge) I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I was told that it could be fatal but there was a good chance of cure through surgery, but much would be dependant on the stage of the cancer development - I'm 41 years old and this came as a shock to me and my family as I suddenly stared my own mortality in the face.  A few weeks were to pass between the diagnosis and the operation and then more time before the pathology reports were returned.  These could have been potentially devastating weeks, but I believe that it was in no small measure my Kaizen challenge that prepared me to take mental control of my thoughts, to take fear captive and apply many of the lessons that Hannes had shared in order to grasp a mental victory even before the surgery and pathology confirmed that I am well again.  Many friends and family have been astounded by the positive mindset that I and my angel of a wife (who took up the kaizen habits with me) have been able to adopt through taking control of our minds from the very outset.  I believe that this mindset has had an incredible impact on my physical recovery and mental well being.  I also believe that a further benefit of having adopted the methods that Hannes teaches has allowed us to protect our young children mentally and spiritually from harm during an experience that could have been very traumatic for them. I give God the glory for my life and victory over cancer and I know that The Kaizen Challenge equipped me to handle the most severe personal challenge I have faced in my life.  To be honest, I frankly believe that as I apply Kaizen principles  and as I get deeper and deeper into the mysteries of God's power at work in our lives and our creative ability to co-create our reality with Him, that one should be able to get to a point where, operating in a different sphere to the reality around us, it should be possible to recreate healthy cells from cancerous ones without surgeons (who, for now, I am eternally grateful for).

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