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Saleem Van Staden

Today I have reached the end of my challenge and I feel somewhat elated to have accomplished my task which for me personally has become a vision and a mission attained; truly a life changing experience.

There is a deep sense of accomplishment, but also the underlying reality, obligation and responsibility that in order to continue growing spiritually, mentally and physically, I will have to persist in the same pattern and manner as I did in the past 49 days, for the rest of my mortal life. 
Is this a life long quest? Most certainly so, however it is a small price to pay in relation to the headache, pain & disaster I will have to live with should I do it differently or according to one’s “old habits”
Well, for one I had to get rid of the cob webs AND skeletons that remained as either comfort zones or trip wires in my subconscious mind. They lurked in the recesses of my mind as old and often trusted friends tripping me up EVERY time my success got to a certain level.
They wreaked havoc with my life AND finances, guaranteed without fail and guess what?
Though I have a keen perception, insightful and Blah, Blah, Blah yes I was ALL that and more. How does a wizz kid describe himself? I was an ignorant slave and willing participant in the process of creating disaster until I realised that life starts with a DECISCION and mine was simple;
No more scams, schemes and lies and if;
(1) I cannot calculate it;
(2) I cannot evaluate it; and if that is the case,
(3) I will not be able to control it; then
(4) I am either speculating or gambling; or
(4) The deal is a Scam !
I have always been above average in all my achievements, being the first AND the best in any undertaking I would set my mind to, but of course so was my failures; commensurate and often more spectacular than my successes.
And so I was educated by the school of life; being fortunate enough to outstrip my failures but not ABLE to DIRECT or CONTROL the degree of my success.
Therein was the missing link in my search and quest for a graded system of mentorship but NONE of them equals the Property School and Kaizen Wealth Challenge with all the tools and personal advice for never ending improvement.
The challenge was certainly very easy at first; however as time progressed, new habits formed replacing the “comfort zones” of the old. The daily idealism of goal setting then changed to dynamic mental gymnastics, and I had to synchronise my mindset and adept to a total new realism.
From then on life was and NEVER had been the same again; - welcome to the RIDE OF A LIFETIME ! ! ! ! !  
From the art of objective and purposeful planning and directing my thought patterns to ultimate realization and achievement, the process then gained a momentum of its own I became an author and creator of my own destiny.
I now look back with hindsight and see how the life changing jigsaw pieces fell into place by deliberate intend and design. Still the decisions taken and the techniques learnt are unfolding and manifesting and I have to deal with events daily in selecting, deciding and living a planned and purposeful life.
I am now more focused in setting and achieving my goals because my self is confidence greatly enhanced and for me success is no longer an option, it is a guaranteed objective.
On a personal level I had a shift in paradigm in that my time is valuable and so is my informed opinion on any topic or discussion.
I do not allow myself to be exploited nor is my mind a thoroughfare for other people’s ignorance, myths, superstition and fear nor failure.
I am less sceptical, more tolerant and also more in control by factual and analytical evaluation. My actions therefore is by purposeful intend in any property deal and interpersonal relationship that I may enter into.
My routine on an average day; I will wake up every morning, shower and perform early morning prayers, then do some “mental gymnastics” of meditation and seeking solitude, visualise and enter into silence.
Check my Power goals and daily tasks
Sometimes lumber up or ride the orbitrek, thereafter I will have my breakfast, check my email, reply to correspondence and do forward planning for the day.
I then go to the office and consult my XL spreadsheet for daily tasks, meetings and to do lists, eliminating them as I progress through the day or update where necessary, often adjusting to compensate for tolerances and variances but never deviating from the original intend.
I go to the mosque daily for midday prayers, have lunch and attend meetings or consult with my specialist property team that I have assembled.
I constantly plan, manage and control what I want done.
They can never tell me anything that I do not know about plan designs, concepts, schedule of finishes, bill of quantities, finance, construction, engineering, tiling, plumbing, electrical, legal agreements or in any event very little else that I do not know.
I have become the expert myself, been there done that and mastered the art of property development especially with my knowledge gained from the mentor program and the financial calculators they KNOW that I am THE genius. Ha Haa
I always endeavour to remain focused and should something or someone distract me, I will seek to regain my mental balance and composure by an affirmation or seeking solitude.
I then go home, perform early evening prayers, have supper and spend quality time with my family or social visit with relatives of friends.
Then I will read email, respond, write letters and read some select international news items or books or particular interest.
I tend to refrain from watching nuisance TV and listen or indulge in idle gossip.
Of particular irritation are mundane and mediocre matters and an idle life.
After this challenge I will continue to follow the principals what has by now been ingrained in my psyche, and has become a philosophy and a way of life. I will continue to create wealth, accumulate wealth, distribute wealth and transfer wealth in perpetuity.
I will always use the 7 laws of a property investor, the formula for wealth, Mercedes principal, the wheel of life and the “tools” of my trade; my mindset, boss calculator, property pro software, the legal team, CFP team, the backup team at property school, the bond originators, attend every course presented, buy the CD’s and DVD’s by Hannes and of course go fire walking again and again, breaking arrows, set up BRS, involve my whole family to share in my passion of wealth creation, soon go helicopter riding with my mentor.
I already have a property portfolio in excess of R 1.5 million rand created from nothing, but the mental tenacity is to turn this into R 100 million rand in CASH and a residual income worth hundreds of thousands within 10 years.
To accomplish that I will have to be absolutely dedicated with an unwavering willpower using a combination of affirmations, visualising, Powermorphing and to maximise results and guarantee success; add deferred compensation and delayed gratification as a rider and spread the opportunities to the poorest of the poor and to whosoever I meet on my path to attainment.
For me the challenge has already begun –
Welcome to the ride of a LIFETIME ! ! ! ! !
I will display impressive planning, control and implementation of operations, as well as my excellent leadership and organizational skills and abilities.
In order to expand my knowledge base I need to constantly emulate, associate and consult with people of similar mindset as myself.
I now know my financial personality, character, traits, weaknesses, strengths and how to synchronise and interface the various disciplines.
I have a sound philosophy of life, strong character with sound knowledge of property business as an investment and how to create enormous capital and residual income.
I am now a master in calculation and tabulation. I draw up tables for hours and I write out different hypotheses. I reject and I reason. I reason with planning and I make a conclusion. I have a strong faith and I believe in what God says.
God says; those who walk in the path of righteousness will be victorious. What reason can anybody have for believing God will not keep this promise?
In future I need to plan meticulously and execute fearlessly with sound reasoning and firm judgement.
Information an almost anything is free but for sound knowledge and intellectual property and rights one has to be prepared to pay.
Invest in yourself and protect your assets and family from destruction that may arise from your ignorance and ill discipline.
Become the expert and the master of your own destiny.
Take responsibility for your deeds and decisions and do not live a life of regrets and never ever separate the risk from the responsibility.
I realised early in the Kaizen challenge that the secret of the heart lies in being absolutely truthful to yourself and the daily tasks on hand.
You also need to acquire the right mindset, do mental and spiritual tasks and synchronise the mindset with the objective to be attained.
The worst you can do is NOT planning WHAT you WANT to do!
You will then merely remain in your mental wheelchair and gain absolutely nothing but blindly following a mediocre life and God forbid; remain poor, ignorant and enslaved, unemployed, too young and not sick enough to get a government grant or not old enough to get a pension.
Life starts with a decision and everything else follows from that moment on. Hannes says in the mentor program that who and what you are is at that moment in time a snapshot of the decisions that you have made in the past.
Amongst some of my biggest challenges were having to let go of my old habits and past experiences and the debilitating effects of wrongful and hurtful past experiences.
These habits and past experiences was ingrained in me am letting go almost made me feel vulnerable; or so I thought ! ! ! ! !
I was born on the “wrong” side of the railway track, an intelligent child with average parents living amongst people poorer than us.
My teachers and the clergy chastised me for asking probing questions about life and in their words “clever questions’” or “too big for your boots” when they them self did not even know the answers.
They believed in the Maltus philosophy of not enough money or money does not grow on trees and you have to be a certain race to have money.
There were also other idiots who proclaimed that I could never surpass them or leave the hole of a dorp that they called home.
No sooner did I make money and I bought my own freedom and that of my parents and boy do I have news for them. I was relatively successful but always reached the ceiling of complexity; I knew it but nobody else could explain the principal or concept to me and every time it happened I would change the type of business I was in and start literally from scratch – again, until the next ceiling.
I embraced Islam and later the concept of pre decree or pre destination put my into a mental wheelchair for years – until the KAIZEN challenge.
Guess what? The THRUTH set me free !
I now Know, and can explain the concept to others who are where I was.
How did you overcome these challenges?
(1)   Meditation, logical and reasoning, contemplation and silence
(2)   Challenging the habit or concept
(3)   Spiritual growth and maturity of mind
(4)   Eliminating and confronting the resisters
(5)   Removing the cob webs and skeletons of my subconscious mind
(6)   Following the Hannes Dreyer mentorship, fire walking, Powermorphing and the KAIZEN challenge.
Following a proven concept based on sound spiritual principals by a mentor who is not interested in how much money he can fleece you for is a blessing.
Helping your fellow man achieve their hopes and dreams in return becomes a blessing for you and your family.
I am running out of time and running late for my submission – next time I will write a book, however I will continue to demonstrate the principals in my own life while directing others to the same source of intellect – Propertyschool.co.za
Using the mentor program, formula for wealth, wheel of life, boss, property pro, Powermorphing with deferred gratification built into it and the Kaizen challenge:
(1)   I assisted the Port St Johns villagers launch a land claim and the minister confirmed settlement in excess of R120 million at a time when they were cheated and denied the right to their ancestral land by their own ‘rich’ people who exploited their ignorance. I will now do a multi million rand joint venture property development with them. 10 of their children will be affiliated to BRS and the mentor program every year.
(2)   I have been accepted as the preferred developer for a multi million property development with the Zanzibari claimants on the Bluff at Durban overlooking uShaka marine world. 10 of their children will be affiliated to BRS and the mentor program every year.
(3)   I have helped the Umtata village people defend their land claim and restitution of their land had been confirmed. Usurpers had been removed and I will do multi million property deal with them. 10 of their children will be affiliated to BRS and the mentor program every year.
(4)   The Mzamba community will do a 50 / 50 property development with my company. The development overlooks the Wild coast casino and10 of their children will be affiliated to BRS and the mentor program every year
(5)   I am involved with other smaller shopping complexes in which national retailers are my anchor tenants
(6)   I have proved to myself that he principals of the mentor program are based on natural and spiritual laws and can be applied by anyone regardless of their religious orientation
Am I worthy ? – Of course
Am I deserving? – Definitely
Am I ready? - Yes
Use the well defined principals of the mentor program, BRS and all the tools of the trade coupled with the Kaizen challenge – Hannes you and every student who subscribe, follow and implement the principals have a winner ! ! ! ! !
Good Luck and God Bless.
C. E. S. van Staaden


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