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Steve Koekemoer

What an awesome experience of self discovery!

I am honored that the Kaizen Challenge found me. Hannes, what an amazing man you are. The Kaizen challenge, like your other programs are so practical and easy to follow. I enjoyed every moment of it. How can you not be as successful as you are when you have the passion and dedication to success as Hannes has.
I can now truly say …Life is a journey…and not a destination, and I am enjoying the ride.
The biggest realization for me was that I create my own future. My future is in my hands and the flip side of the same coin is that the responsibility is also mine. I have to act, plan and execute it.  Mine alone. This sounds so logical but for the first time I truly believe this, and that exterior circumstances and events are only feedback, a reflection of what is happening from within. “Thought is creative. What ever you think about you bring about” I am part of the universe and have a divine purpose that I have to fulfill in this life. We all live according to this universal law. To me that is Unconditional LOVE.
I made the statement that Life is a Journey. My journey with Dr. Hannes Dreyer started in June 2007. Correct the 49 day challenge became a journey. On 14 February “Valentines day” I did my last lesson. (How sad… I so look forward to it every day now) The Kaizen challenge taught me so much of myself.
The most remarkable change and challenge for me was the morning quiet time – meditation. This simplistic and seemingly irrelevant activity changed my core, my thinking and hence my attitude towards life. If there is one thing that I definitely won’t give up, it is this personal time with me.
Meditation is so powerful and brought forward the most amazing ideas, and it is mine. You can say it bubbles up from the soul. Around day 23 things started changing, the most remarkable things started happening to me and the people around me. I got clarity, peace, joy, love, harmony all at the same time.  
Wealth creation is abundance “My cup runs over” Ps 23. I recognized that if you can’t give then you are poor. By giving, yes of yourself, you are becoming a wealth creator. You can’t wait until you are wealthy and then give. As money is the means to an end, so is giving. It is not the vehicle that is important but the end. With the end in mind the road merely becomes a journey, a joy ride. When you have balance in all areas of your life, then, and only then, you can experience true wealth. The daily exercises made me think, questioning my thoughts. In the beginning I could only write one or two items in the box. Later I could not stop writing and soon it became my diary and best of all it was things I really wanted to do.  
 A bit about my dreams, expectations and execution to achieve them………
“As I wake up on this day 25 December 2012, Overlooking the quiet and tranquility of what became to be known as - the click, normally a buzz of activity, a business hub, where people come to nourish and nurture. Body, mind and Soul.  The sun is just about to break the peace of the night and all of nature is embracing the opportunities that the new day brings. The calm, but steady water flowing through the tall trees.  Leaves rustling as the birds joyously embrace the new day. The peace of knowing that I have ceased the opportunities acted and the fruits are showing. Knowing that this property is covered, my life is in harmony to assure me of a truly wealthy future. With seven million rand in liquid assets and a steady stream of income from my well equipped associates and partners.
On this day I will celebrate my freedom and embrace the biggest gift that God has given me, Love and Wisdom, equipping me with the insight to use it wisely.
Today I will share this gift of joy with those dearest to me, my healthy loving family, oodles of true friends and my Creator. The One who set me free and believed in me.
This will be my platform, my launching pad for the future. 2020 here we come!” 
I am now committed to continued growth and invest in myself. Yes I am allowed to be selfish. By committing to activities it manifests not just the internal desire but also the external pull towards my commitment. I have set myself more 48 day challenges with a tracking mechanism and a plan of action, every day.
If not …. why not NOW.
Life is a Journey   - Enjoy the Ride    -   I AM.
Your humble and most grateful student and comrade.
Steve Koekemoer
P.S. As they say, your wife always has the last say. I have to live up to womanhood. Yes, this is me, Deidre, Steve’s wife having a last say. I remember like yesterday about this Kaizen Challenge, and to be very honest, did not mean much or appeal to me at all. (I think if a Prado and some lovely shoes were on the line maybe I would have been more exited…) But seriously, as Steve started this challenge and working through it each day, I was becoming more amazed in this change I was seeing in my life partner. But the most amazing thing was, how it was spilling over into our family, even onto me. I had a wonderful opportunity last year to work on a global project for our company. With Steve in my life, he was by my side every step of my wonderful exiting journey, realizing how much we can achieve if we really wanted to. He would share all his wonderful stories, ideas, excitement from the Kaizen challenge and it weirdly kept rubbing off on me, so much so that I have also realized that we can do anything we set our minds to. Some of the things I grew to realize were that the best things in life are free; that joy is not in things, but in us, and very little is needed to make a happy life. Wealth is not money, but the abundance from within to share life with those, not just close to you, but everybody. I am starting my own business soon, and for the first time, I can say that I AM LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE. We are living each day to the fullest, finding joy in every moment.
So, I leave you with this; Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more … It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend

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