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Steve Musumba

Allow me to start by thanking you for guiding me through this Kaizen Challenge.

It has been an extremely exciting and sometimes frustrating journey like when I have missed my ME time due to being unable to wake up in time and sometimes just being overcome by inertia but l have enjoyed the journey with all its bumps and twists.
But to me everything really began when I made the decision after enrolling for the mentoring course to shift from the R300 per month mindset and paid the once off R6400.  I have since benefited more than hundredfold because now l am getting my course for free! You see I am continuing to reap after a finished sowing a looong loooong time ago, what a decision that was!
Even now I shudder when I think of what my life would have been if I had not taken that step and also to enroll for the mentoring course, how much poorer it would have been! Thank you again Hannes, for showing me the light so early in life even though I feel I should have done so much earlier.
But back to the kaizen challenge the growth for me is tremendous, I have been able to do in 2 months what I had never been able to do for the last 5 years in so many unfulfilled goals such as repairing leaks on my home; painting my home; I am almost finishing the fencing and you know with an income of more or less the same as I had 5 years ago if you take inflation into consideration, I have achieved a lot. My communication with my family is much better.
Every morning I wake up earlier and start with ME time before anything else giving me a head start and that inertia is becoming less and less as I have started enjoying my ME time more and more.
And the audio exercises; what a masterpiece! l can assure you that I wouldn’t have reached where l am now if I had had to depend on just reading the mental exercises. It has made so much difference for me and I am always surprised how fast the 21 minutes of meditation fly by, the other day I just wanted it to continue and continue, I did not want to end! This is how far I have come with ME time and I must continue now on my own because you have allowed me to own your creativity; I should now stop boring you with my thank you’s ‘just know that you have made my life worthwhile in a way that I had never thought would be possible. May you be able to assist others even more than I have already gained from you.
I have learned very well that it is the small things that you do on a daily basis that make  the difference, an improvement at a time however small and if you really think about it does make sense because if done on a daily basis surely at the end of one year or even six months how many days are those? And how much overall improvement?
 I personally believe that this challenge is a treasure stumbled upon. Everyone should have the fortune of stumbling on it and be exposed to something that is not even rocket science when one understands the message behind the message.
It has helped to strengthen my belief in the value of committing; if you commit the way will be found. I have found the way yet I know that there a thousands and thousands of opportunities still waiting for my commitment, Powermorphing is one of them. I have confirmed that the answer to my life is not to be found anywhere else but in my own hands,.
I have learned more and more about the value of taking RESPONSIBILTY instead of looking for excuses.
I realized that the mentoring course and kaizen challenge complement each other and it means bringing in other areas of what you teach, such as Powermorphing, will accelerate my growth. In these two months I even managed to contribute in a controlled manner given my present circumstances.
I am eagerly looking forward to achieving more and more growth that will lead me to be able to make a meaningful contribution. I HAVE REDISCOVERED THE VALUE OF COMMITTMENT AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.
I am going to continue with the kaizen challange, l am going to do the 49 days all over again seeking small improvements along the way.
My regards to your family and please let me take this opportunity to thank them for their tolerance as we continue to squeeze whatever we can from your expertise.
ONCE YOU COMMIT THE WAY WILL BE FOUND. You did say this and it is true.


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