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Stian De Jager

From the first day I met you Hannes, at one of your free seminars, I realized that you were all about practical application of sound theory. It was very clear to me that you are a man of principle and someone who does not believe in “random events” or “chance”.

That day, about two years ago, I made the decision to look to you as a mentor for wealth creation – and have found only joy and growth in it.
Although at that time, neither the Kaizen Challenge nor the Powermorphing workshops were available, I could feel a lot of your positive energy and sense of purpose being imparted to me whilst attending your Property Pro and Retire Quickly workshops.
This was definitely beginning to show in my life because when I first started with the workshops I had close to nothing. I was still studying and did not even have much of a social life. Not a lot of money, no fixed income, no sustained joy, no purpose or definite direction and not a healthy Spiritual life because none of the principles seemed to work.
I then realized that the answer was in my own hand and started to take full responsibility for my life.
A little over two years after our first meeting, I have been married happily for just over a year, started a successful business, met very good new friends that share the same Wealth Creators mindset as we do and started to find purpose and direction in my life.
This all just by taking responsibility and receiving an impartation from you, through your work and workshops over a period of time. The Powermorphing workshop started to explain some of these wonderful results as I applied it to accelerate my goals, but still did not clearly show me what was happening.
This is where this fantastic Kaizen Challenge came in. From day one I constantly experienced moments of “so THAT’s how it works or what was happening”.
At first I didn’t think I was going to be able to complete the challenge because I only have internet at my office, but I soon saved the lessons to my cell phone so that I could read the lesson first thing in the morning and the wrote down my financial, mental, physical, relationship and spiritual goals for the day.
Everything started to fall into place, day by day, precept upon precept. I started to realize my unity with the Universal, and that I came out of Him and that now I am on a growing journey, returning unto Him until I reflect His likeness in this world.
It is so amazing how it all unfolded that it is hard for me to explain in words. For very long I believed in scarcity and lack… and that was my world. I then met you and decided to think and believe otherwise – in abundance. But I did not know why it was so, I just believed it although it was hard to get out of the mindset that there is only so much wealth in the world.
The key answer to this came for me in the fact that we create the abundance ourselves… out of nothing. There does not have to be anything anywhere, we are co-creators with Christ we read, but now this makes sense.
Our thoughts in line and in oneness with Omnipotence, creates conditions on earth as it is in Heaven. I truly enjoyed the challenge and to come to a realization that attention and silence are very, very important. I’ve learned to simplify my life, removing a lot of the clutter. I have learned of the causation of observation and that how I think and observe will determine the outcome. (Interestingly enough this was recently proven by quantum physicists in an experiment called the Quantum wave Collapse…).
I am learning to connect on a regular and constant basis to the Great I Am who fills all and all, and this invigorates me with life… as if I am “plugged in”. Therefore my daily life is very enjoyable, challenges are seen as just that… obstacles that I can overcome, in order to grow, not things to withhold a life of blessing and abundance from me. I can now with peace enter into a state of life of constant and never ending improvement – KAIZEN!
Thank you Hannes! Thank you for contributing to greatly changing the conditions on this earth for the Greater Good of All as was originally intended – and some good news for you… no longer are you alone in this, we (all your Kaizen students) as well as our families and future generations to which we will impart this, join you now in fulfilling our purposes on this earth.

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