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Tertius Gouws

Doing this in itself is a kaizen moment for me. To write about my feelings, growth, experiences, perceptions and inhibitions is not something that I usually do. To be very honest I have had a dreading idea, that you might come up with a task that is all but part of my comfort zone. Knowing this and having the experience of the firewalk and what that has awakened in me, to fall back on, I realize that to do this, and that being uncomfortable means growth, as full and as honestly as possible is the route to personal strengthening of mind, realization and recognition of inner knowledge.

Doing this is one of those moments of truths when you know this is character defining stuff. Do or don’t? I have a serious inner need to do this for myself because of the desire and intent that I have for long-term success. I think it is the same reason that I took the challenge and that I walked the coals and even why I purposely changed my lifestyle (resigned from slavery)
So, here goes…
The changes that I have noticed over the last few weeks were the realization and a beginning of the inner world awakening. I have developed personal respect for the moments of silence and occasions of deep thought. I have come to realize the potential true value of thinking and questioning one’s believes, routines and habits.
Only by doing this for yourself is it possible to determine and analyze what is the truth and what is really important. By actually taking the time to be quiet and think about something, is to take personal responsibility for your interpretation of what matter and that it is the only way that you can harness what is the truth about it, for you. Only then can you make an informed decision about if it fits into who you want to be.
You don’t know, what you don’t know if you don’t know. I have only begun to realize how much there is that I do not know. The universe has an unfathomable amount of knowledge, aspects, dimensions, and realities. Abundance of everything is the norm and I am but a part of it. I am an individual that is interconnected with this omnipotent power with no limitations what so ever. The only limitation is what I preserve or imagine there is to be.
This course, the information, all the exercises and practical insight has opened a door that I was unfamiliar to. With this knowledge and practical insight I am capable to sour to heights that I have yet to dream of.
The awakening that I have been privileged to experience does signify unbound potential, abundance in any matter, form or spectrum of my being if I am prepared to take the responsibility and make it so. This challenge has provided the reasoning, the guidance, the practice and even the proof of what profuse potential is locked in me and every person if they will only acknowledge it.
It has meant the difference in being given the bread and fish to eat compared to being shown, guided, and given the tools to bake the bread and catch the fish, as much as you like and when you so desire.
In what ways do you approach life differently?
I have been part of the rate-race for all my life and made the decision to break that hold a while ago. The belief that you have to be physically busy with something or the other at any given time in order to be deemed productive and thus acceptable in society, is something that is slowly being addressed in my mind. I am working on the belief and the reasoning around it to be able to sit and ponder and think about a worthy subject without having a rush of guilt or distracting feeling of “you are just being lazy if you think instead of do”. 
The correct balance between thinking and action is something that time will reveal to me. I am aware that I am in a learning phase and that the first law is to invest in myself.
This is mostly what this last 2 years was about. I am starting to feel the urge to move on, to be active, to create and to reap the benefits of my patient studies. I would like to see that bamboo stick it’s head through the ground now.
You said: “Plan fearlessly and execute masterfully” and do this persistently. Thus be a thoughtful do-er. I think it’s time to start doing now.
Hell, reading these last two paragraphs, it sounds like I have only been studying and nothing else. That I have been building up to this moment of saturation and that now suddenly I want all the changes to take shape. Well to a big extent it feels exactly like that and then again if I think about it this is also not absolutely true.
My mind set about many things have been changing and altering consistently but in small increments. To name but a few:
I find TV to be the absolute last resort as a form of entertainment, I would much rather spend time with my family playing board games or talking, my points of discussion inevitably turn to intellectual information, I seem to always try to gain understanding about things, I tend to have a lot more patience with other people and there perceptions of the world and to not let them influence my state of mind or emotional well being as easily as before.
Just as an insight, I have used thoughtful self-empowering techniques to wean my son, age 9 from watching TV as a constant source of stimulation. The change in his character after a few days has been very noticeable and rewarding. He is much more open to discussions, less irritated, his imagination has been rediscovered and he is very eager to help and partake in the house activities.
My average day has always had a sense of direction to it. I have the habit of keeping a book (my task book) on my desk and in this book I write all the things that I need to do. This is my way of enforcing that I get to do everything that needs to be done, because if it is written down I may or can not forget about it and it has to be given its due attention before I can tick it as done.
What this challenge has done is to expand that habit of task recording importance.
I have incorporated the daily routine of physical, financial and mental tasks. The truth about -to measure is to know- plays a very important roll in the vitality of the efforts and thus I have my recording systems.
My understanding of the Kaizen Challenge is that the primary intention was to create the habits of doing the basics correctly for the right reasons, consistently. My commitment and intention to this is complete and total. But I have an urge to do even more. This is the part that I have been building up to. Forgive me for not having all the answers and lay-out to this inner struggle, drive, desire, issue (I actually do not know what to call it) beforehand, but writing this now, has actually become part of my formulation and planning strategy of what I have so un-consciously been aware of and been feeling I need to do.
Firstly, in order to create or do something I need to determine my intent, my desire to do so. If the intent is strong enough it has “going power” otherwise it does not matter how I say I’m going to do it, it will not be sustained and I will probably find a very valid, self convincing reason to stop my efforts. I know this part is well covered, I do have the desire!! I have been on this path for years. I have just to hone my skills in the plan and action departments.
Secondly, the plan. I will set-up a workable daily sheet, task schedule that incorporates and allow for the personalization and change as required.
The issues that come to mind that need to be addressed is :
  • Time management,
  • Prioritization
  • Self-empowerment
  • Concentration,
  • Willingness to follow through, I must make it acceptable and fun to do, thus easy to persist.
  • Things that I need to incorporate in this daily schedule:
  • Silent self time, meditation
  • Physical exercise
  • Financial growth and improvement
  • Normal daily task time
  • Family time
  • Reading time and knowledge improvement.
All of these actions must have some form of record keeping and measuring. That is part of the secret of vitality and I am already drawing of the benefit from doing this in the form of my personalized physical graphs.
Thirdly the execution, the action. This is where total self discipline comes in. To have and create that which I desire, plan and formulate can only be done if I take full and unconditional responsibility for it, consistently. This means daily, weekly, monthly, yearly until my current goals are realized and then even more.
I am going to update myself with the Powermorphing process again and use power to assist me in my bigger goals but also knowing that it is a way of live and the habits of small things that makes the ultimate persistent changes.
The way that I see it is: clearly defined goals (planed fearlessly), connected to required, realistic, class1 & 2 actions (be a do-er), daily and consistently, must and will inevitably manifest the desired results (the law of attraction). Where attention goes, energy flows and where energy flows, creation grows.

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