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Thando Makhoba

The first time I heard about the kaizen principle was in the automotive industry where I worked for a Japanese company that prides itself from continuous improvement. When I heard you talk about this in the business marketing seminar, I thought this is going to be a great challenge. I had found the mentor I was looking for. I had been working on myself for sometime but had not gotten there yet. I had started to try and get my self out of debt but I did not know where I was going wrong. I decided to face to my fears of knowing what is happening with my money matters, as soon as I started to improve, I lost momentum and would automatically back slide, each time I back slid, I would again get the edge and get out but this has been turning into a vicious cycle all the time. One day I decided I have to move otherwise I am not going to get anywhere. I want the nice house, car, financial freedom, travel. I want to be free to make decisions and not rely on some boss but also gain from my own decisions.

When you then spoke about kaizen, this got me excited and I thought I would not pass on this opportunity. From day one when I received the e-mail, I got myself stuck into it. My challenge has always been how do I stay positive, how do I keep the momentum going to my success. Yes, believe it or not I had been reading self improvement books but was not really making huge strides. You the story about like attracts like, it also happened to me. The more I started getting positive, the more I started attracting opportunities to myself. I read about Hannes Dreyer in the Sunday times & thought take a chance, you have nothing to lose. After the presentation I thought, register for the executive mentorship. Well, I’m glad I did, I have moved far beyond my thoughts and expectations. I’ve always been an achiever and thought why is it that I cannot break this mould of financial ignorance and become a success. I needed help and realized if I do not move, no is going to do it for me. From Gary Player, “the more I practiced, the luckier I got”, this statement has always proven to be true, academically and professionally. Now I needed to have this implemented in my day to day life. I want a mansion, nice cars, financial freedom and abundance. To get to this, I needed change or else nothing was going to happen.
Since I have been involved with the Kaizen Challenge, I always look forward to do my morning reading, chase people out of my office, or let them wait up until I have done my reading & daily plan. I went on the net and bought Charles Haanel & have also been reading his material. I found that, like you said you are going to use some of the material from him, hey I think that is profound information. Everyday without fail, I read not only the daily lesson & do the exercise but I also read other books that have also been catching my eye with positive information directly linking to your teachings. One of the book says that there is abundance out there and everyone can share, it’s through creative thinking & having faith that you will receive but all must be in good faith. The 49 days have therefore re-enforced my progress and drive.
Every morning I listen to Joyce Meyer, I have found her teachings to be very practical but also I realized that whether the approach is spiritual or otherwise, if it is for the good of all involved it makes a tremendous difference. My thoughts are not always positive but I have learned to listen to my thinking, as soon as I start going negative, I have a talk to myself that this is now not constructive get out of it. Like you always say, the person must want to do it, no one can or will do it for you. I have become very positive, have a good sense where my life is going and have proclaimed that my day is coming & I will be a success beyond realization. I have made a commitment to myself and my family that we will be the light in our society as one of the things I intend going into is to give back to society and family for the support and belief they have in me. My life has changed, I’m not where I used to be I have made progress.
It has come to my attention that daily I have to decide to make my day a success, some days I did not know what to put especially on the finance part, but gradually things started to fall into place. More than anything, the person must want to do this for themselves, not anyone. It’s like a married couple, the marriage never works until you as individuals are happy on the inside, it makes it easier to reach out to the next person, even when you know this might be a difficult call.
God bless, this has been a thrilling experience & will continue to be for as long as I live. This will cascade to my children & grandchildren. “What ever your heart desires, when you pray & believe you will receive by faith, you will” God promises to be there all the time.
Faith, trust, love and the desire to prosper is what will keep me going.

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