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Theuns Vermaak

I signed up because I wanted to make sure that I did not miss out on anything that could be of value to me, and because of the title which said “Challenge”. I love challenges as well as challenging the status quo, actually, anything that has the potential to overcome the gravitational pull of popular belief or conditioning of the masses.

I knew, or rather suspected that The Kaizen Challenge would challenge the way I think, and what I believe, so I made sure from Day 1 that I allocated enough time to look, listen, think and learn. Structuring my daily routine, or budgeting my time was the difficult part because my quiet time had become overgrown and needed serious pruning and clearing – I realized that I had nearly 22 years of encroaching thought patterns and bad habits to clear out.
Tonight, after I sat down to do the homework I spent a while recalling my past as they do in the “Survivor” series… well I did not celebrate tonight because I already celebrated yesterday, after my God moved a HUGE mountain out of our way. Regarding television, I still watch a limited amount of television, roughly between 5 and 6 hours per week, which I expect will decrease even more. However, my response to my recollection of my Before TV days was “Eish”, yes with plenty eish.
Way back then I had discovered the benefit of order in my personal life. I had managed to maintain the discipline of silence, using “prime time” for this purpose – at that stage I only watched Magnum (on an old Sony someone “donated”) and Tom had a green Ferrari (yes green, because the TV was seriously ill). I used at least an hour in the morning and an hour at night for my Quiet Time. And then I had the TV fixed.
Yes with plenty eish! I have been doing a massive spring cleaning. No more eish please, back to basics. I was on the right track, yet I doubted myself. All in the mind. Eventually I allowed compromise to come into my life: I started doing things the “other” people were talking about so that they would stop looking at me as if I were weird because I was sometimes clueless regarding the news and latest gossip – which left me with less time, but more to talk about.
The rest is history. The future is yet to come, but boy is it bright (and as it is now 12:00 AM I will probably forfeit any bonus points, but so what, I enjoyed the ride!) Seizing the day is what I will be doing for the rest of my days.
Lastly I would like to thank you. You have served a purpose in my life at the right time and for that I am grateful. And here ends my homework.

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Deon Coetzee
First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this experience.   The challenge crossed my path at exactly the right time.   I was going through a stage where I felt that there wasn’t enough balance in my life.   I was working hard at my job and I was reaping the Read more...
Gerhard Hattingh
My biggest challenge during the Kaizen Challenge was doing the challenge and completing it. I am a pilot (ex-helicopter pilot and again in the future) and no two days in a row are the same. I never go to bed at the same time due to different flight schedules (one day getting up at 03:45 to start work at 04:45 and going to bed the next day at midnight due to a late landing. Then next week I am doing an international flight Read more...
Lou Bornman
Hier is my opdrag vir die Kaizen uitdaging les 49. Ek glo dat jy dit seker in Engels sou verkies, maar alhoewel ek goed tweetalig is, sal ek nie reg aan die opdrag kan laat geskied as ek dit nie in Afrikaans doen nie. Ek weet jy verkies dat dit nie minder as 400 woorde moet wees nie en indien ek dit nie maak nie, sal dit bloot wees omdat Read more...
Daniel Matsapola
Thank you for a brilliant course in the Kaizen Challenge.  For me it went over the 49 days allocated and took the entire July, August, September and only ended on October 13...coincidentally on the same day as the 30th Voet van Africa Marathon. I ran 10 km in 59 minutes and Read more...
Phillip Briedenhann
For 58 years I was programmed to live a mediocre life. I worked as hard as I could - but could not become rich.   I dreamed - but it stayed dreams. I did not know about the law of the “Power of Thought” Read more...