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Thinus Bothma

Kaizen Challenge, a journey that almost began and ended up in disaster. Today I have entered the creative plane of thought and became a citizen of another Kingdom.
Entered challenge on 21 Dec (HD office was closed and I was desperate to enter – Lilo came to my rescue). 4 days later I was hospitalized for a week (appendix). My wife downloaded the daily lessons on internet and brought me the hard copies.
I did most of the courses (except Powermorphing) - also a mentor student (not a good one). Starting the Kaizen lessons I thought that Hannes had gone crazy with all this spiritual, Universal Mind, Power etc stuff. This was so unconventional to me that I had to force myself into continuing. By the time I reached lesson 13 I was so inspired and fired up that I studied the daily lesson while revising the previous.
My success story? I cannot think of one area in the Wheel of Life where I do not experience a radical change – changing in a new direction – the direction of a richer more prosperous life – a life of Wealth in Abundance!
Mind. The area where everything changed and which changed everything! Financial disaster with conventional business in 1999 (few million Rand) - my mindset was one driven by fear, feeling insecure and thought that I need money from elsewhere (lotto etc) to recover and start again – a prisoner of my own mind. My B Com degree contributed to my perception that the supply of resources and Wealth is limited. I now know that is not true. I have discovered the TRUTH about how life works – how it really works – and exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it when creating my own destiny. My study have become my virtual gallery for all my mental pictures - the walls holding the clear pictures of my desires - class 1&2 experiences with purpose.
Spiritual. Previously grossly neglected (could not believe financial crisis happening to a Christian). Today I wake up at 5:00 in morning, meditate and I am in harmony with Him.
Financial. Previously spent 4-5 hours daily in front of tv. I now use my “me” time and leisure time to meditate and contemplate my purpose and goals in life. I went back to the Wheel of Life and for first time completed the exercises. I have now discovered this desire for and I can feel that I am achieving Wealth in Abundance.
Body. I quit smoking after 30 years. Started exercising (walking) again together with my wife. We worked out an program to achieve a certain level of fitness.
Relationships. My marriage was neglected. We now spend more time constructively together (after freed up time from tv).
I can truly confirm that my mental adjustment and knowledge of the creative power of my mind transformed me (a “fragile and crippled”, ignorant person) into a man with new direction and life ahead – behind this lies an invincible and unwavering FAITH & GRATITUDE to what I perceive to be already true and happening. The Kaizen Challenge lives within me.

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