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Thomas Jacobs

Hannes, firstly I want to thank you for helping me in finding myself again. I say again because as you rightly said that as you grow older you forget you childhood dreams. The things that really mattered for you no matter what someone else thought about it.
Thinking about those days gives me a tingling feeling through my spine, because before the Kaizen Challenge, I lived my life without knowing where I am going and literally dragging my family with me through all the ups and downs.
I started the challenge at a really busy time in my life where a lot of things were happening, but today I am glad that I did. I have realized that everybody has got only 24 hours a day, but what really matters is how you use that 24 hours.
The challenge has taught me that not everyday is a nice day, but that with perseverance anything is possible and the application the universal laws can make a big difference in our lives. I found the meditation a wonderful way to take time out for myself, concentrating on the things that are really important in my life.
It also helped me to prepare for the day ahead and to thank God for the many blessings.
I must admit that it was really difficult for me to stick to the daily tasks and it probably took me twice the amount of allotted time, but I am glad that I stuck it out – that I came back and are actually completing the challenge by writing this story. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities, I do not accept things on face value anymore and look more critically at information I receive.
On a average day when I don’t feel like working on myself I just remind myself of why I am doing this and that by persevering I know I can make my dreams come true.
Getting up early is a mission, but I am working on it and will definitely get it right and start to maintain this healthy habit of working on myself before starting the day.
I think the qualities needed to continue this Kaizen Challenge and make it a way of life is to be disciplined, have perseverance, not be to hasty and impatient in achieving ones goals, but to enjoy the journey, celebrate small victories and appreciate the little things that are encountered along the way. In the past I used to make use of will power to make things happen in my life and it was tough to say the least. The intended outcome never lasted and the disappointment that resulted really placed a damper on my efforts – on my life.
By doing the Kaizen Challenge I have come to the realization that I am the king of my castle and the master of my destiny that God has envisioned for me. That my controlling my thoughts I can control my destiny and that true power comes from within.
Through the kaizen challenge many things have become clearer to me like reading the bible – in the past I would read for the sake of opening the book and read but none or very little made sense or could I apply in my daily life – now I take the bible’s teachings to heart and can see how it applies to my life.
I will develop the broadness of my mind by reading more books about the truth, because as you said only the truth will set us free.
The challenges I faced during this challenge was to complete what I started (today I actually completed the Kaizen challenge and am very proud of myself), getting up early, doing the tasks before I started with anything else, doing my tasks on a daily basis, the visualization exercises was very difficult in the beginning, but later it was easier and actually quite enjoyable because of all the sensations (smell, touch, taste) that can be added.
These challenges were overcome by continuing to do the exercises despite the other activities that were competing for my attention. I have realized that with the right ATTITUDE anything is possible.
Through the challenge I have realized that in this life you are the only one to blame if things do not turn out the way you wanted it to be, because it would if you really wanted it from the heart in the first place and were willing to work for it. I have realized that my mind is the connection between my spirit and the outer world.
As you rightly mentioned “The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause”.
My dreams are:
  • To get in control of my budget…
  • To be the best husband and the best father…
  • Live a life of abundance…
  • Being in a position to give…
  • Grow spiritually…
  • To apply the universal principles and use the Kaizen way to make things happen in my life for the benefit of myself, others involved and the greater good – to help make this wonderful world a better place.

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