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Waldi van der Merwe

Taking more responsibility in all aspects of my life, this has meant a great deal for me and my family. I look at a problem as an opportunity and can even now after a heated discussion put my hand out and shake the other parties hand and feel at ease with myself. I can see that people do not put in the time to work on them self’s and that is why they stand in my way of growing and progressing.

My average days are more relaxed and at peace with what other people around me do. I can only focus on my own future and that of my family My exceptional days seem to be unreal but just as I have been planning them in my mind . Just  some more practice and meditation is needed here to bring it up to perfection. My goals are there for the taking and only my own TEM$ can produce it for me, although not a Picasso yet there is nothing from stopping my progression to reach my goals.
With the example that the exercises of the Kaizen Challenge gave me and using meditation and programs like Centerpointe and “getting in the gap”  I am developing a more broader mind and judgmental approach to every thing. My discipline of waking up early in the morning and spending some time on myself is here to stay.
Nobody will and can accept responsibility for my future. From smiling and greeting everybody to healthy eating and living, growing in my Christian faith and teaching my child Christianity. Stopping my daily sugar intake and getting of my sugar high that I must have been on for years .
Reducing stress in our house and being more open and loving. Raising funds for charity and helping my fellow man can only be done at my own accord. Life from this viewpoint is great and can only get better!  
Working on myself and educating my mind to see the possibilities and growing in my faith is a daily task that takes TEM$, but overcoming the laziness, procrastination, fear and shyness is a great price indeed .Working on living my life to the idea of the four “agreements” is something to strive for and work towards in this never ending growth cycle I am in by now.

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