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Werner Tenten

Profound - Truly Profound - It's a word I use sparingly; but if I look back seven or less years from now, gratefully, financially free, retired, working on getting rich further in mind, body, soul I will cite this tool, this way of life, practicing, improving on continuous basis as THE SPARK PLUG that propelled me into receiving continuous blessings within my journey to richness through the grace of God.

To be good can be achieved in many ways doing many things – to be truly great takes constant and never-ending improvement. Kaizen is without a doubt the basis for thought on a daily basis to start the day great and walk through the day and finish it remarkably successful, fulfilling, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving and happy.
My average day was average, ordinary, with the ups and downs – through Kaizen I found strength and courage on an average daily basis to think truth and find abundance in any seemingly downs of daily life – to discard appearance and practice this daily which lifted me throughout to greater heights of consciousness.
In doing this over this period of time I’d like to highlight some of my achievements – I’ve finished my formal studies – which in the last 9 years have failed to do so; got engaged to the most beautiful, exceptional woman; I’ve increased my wisdom daily through the lead of my spiritual teacher, Jesus, and the greatness and grace through God’s wisdom; I’ve attracted numerous tools and resources into my life to assist me on my exciting journeys; I’ve made it a habit of continual exercise and am on my most fittest form in ten years. I’ve started a part-time business that provides tremendous leverage and is set to leave my full-time job within the next year to work full-time on retiring within 7years or less from now.
I’m going to take this study of Kaizen further, extending the Kaizen Challenge, reviewing the powerful lessons learned on a daily basis so I can completely grasp more of the essence in each lesson as my consciousness continually improves. In doing this I will continually put determination and discipline and continually strengthen my purpose for constant and never ending improvement of mind, body, finances, relationships and spiritual enlightenment.
My dreams in the near future is that I’ll be financially free as mentioned in seven years or less – “free of the fear of having fear” –R T Kiyosaki. Where after I’ll continually build and improve my richness in every area of my life; learning, practicing, achieving, celebrating!
Thank you Hannes for yet again a brilliant tool, lifestyle that I’ve acquired through this program; I’m set on making time to study wealth through your mentorship and will commence with this next year. You are truly a mentor to learn wealth and a good lifestyle from through your passion to see other people have the same. God bless!

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