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Wikus Du Preez

Where to start that is the question? There have been so many changes since I started this challenge. I think the best place to start will be from the beginning.

I first discovered Hannes's web site "property school" on my search for property investments and everything that has to do with property I have a keen interest in. It took me a few months to actually decide that I was going to make use of the material that was available.
It happened to be that there was a special running for the month on November that I could make use of the special and gain access to all the courses that I want to on property and the "KAIZEN CHALLENGE". At this stage I had no idea what this was all about. Looking back I now realize that the principals that we are taught in the challenge actually draw me to this.
I have been making use of the techniques learned throughout this program to visualize my goals I now can see them clearly, I have also filtered out the ones that does not comply with the criteria that I have learned. This has freed so much time in that I can now focus my time on what I really want to achieve. What I also have done to make my goals more realistic is to insert pictures of my goals. I look at my goals every morning before I start my day
As I am writing this it is with great sadness that I do this, because I was really looking forward to my lesson every day. Because with every lesson I grew. I will continue to practice the principals learned in Kaizen. I am thankful for being part of the learning experience and are a better person for taking part in it.
I want to say thank you Hannes for sharing this information with me it has made the world of difference to me. I can now say that I am a different person now from where I started 49 days ago. I once watched a movie where they asked “what does it takes to change the essence of a man” my answer would be KAIZEN CHALLENGE
I started the challenge as a class 2 experience at first; it was something that I had to actively manage to do. After the first week I have changed it into a class1 experience.
AT first I did not realize the effect/power that the exercises are having on my life.  One the goals that I set for myself was to get my weight under control I achieved this within the first month. This in itself is something amazing. I could not achieve this for the most part of my adult life, no matter what I did. I have spend a lot of time and money on varies product and programs but could not achieve this. At first I did not realize how did this happen, because it seemed that it just happened. I then realize it was because of the Kaizen Challenge that I have achieved this.
Once I shared wife my wife the results that I have achieved she was very skeptical about it, I had to fiscally show her on a scale. She them wanted to know how I achieved this. Was it a diet plan that I was doing without her knowing of it. I told her about the Kaizen Challenge and what it is about.
The challenge has changed my life on so many levels; I was jokingly remarking to my wife that even our dog Penny was benefiting from the challenge. I now instead of watching news take my kids foe walks, I spend more time with them. This has improved my relationship with my children we laugh more we talk more, the over all atmosphere in the house is more relaxed, they are more confident to approach me with thing that bother them.
It has also improved the relationship between me and my wife, we spend more time together talking and enjoying each others company. Another benefit that I have experienced with the program is that it has given me immense clarity on what I want to achieve. You would not believe how much relieve this has given me; I now know what I want to achieve. It has changed my way of starting my day; I first have my quite time in the morning where I meditate before I start the day. Even driving to work I do not listen to the radio any more I listen to the CD’s on property that I received. This in it self has given me a vast amount of information and changed the way that I have approached property as investment.
I believe that the Kaizen challenge has changed my live. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities that I am capable of. It has changed my approached on live, how I treat people. My approach to achieving my goals has changed. I already seen me achieving my goals faster that I ever thought possible, ii is actual unbelievable if I have not experienced it my self. I have now learned to take responsibility to achieve the live that I want.
When you hear people talk and they say that that was the good all day, my response too them will be that you busy with the good all days of tomorrow. So your present actions determine your future reality. This is very freeing because now I know that I determine what my future will be like

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