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Wilko Heinze

This is the second time I have done this course. And I want to say that I have learned even more than the previous time. I can see that there is a change in my life. I am making it my mission to think only positive thoughts. This is not easy, since I have been conditioned not to think in this way and most people around me as well. So it is a daily challenge for me to stay positive and to keep focused on my goals, with all the “noise” that is out there. But, I have begun to cut out the noise as far as possible. My average day is definitely changing. I make time for myself now, every morning. I get up at least an hour earlier. And this puts me into the correct mindset I believe. My days are most definitely more focused and at the same time more relaxed. I feel that I am starting to reach my goals. And although I overshoot them a bit, I am learning about dealing better with failure and success.

I will definitely keep on with the process. I have decided to join Hannes in his firewalk exercise (this was my reward for completing this challenge). I will also keep on getting up early every day and starting my day with myself first. I am starting to set goals in every area of my life. As my confidence improves with every goal that I achieve, my goals are becoming progressively easier to set, but greater in scope. I will also start reading the recommended books to increase my understanding of the world around and within me.
I have learned in my experience that you need to control your thoughts. This is one of the main challenges for me over the next 49 days. I have realized that there is so much noise out there that distracts me. It distracts me from “I”. My mind seems to go in all directions. I have found that if I direct my thoughts correctly, then this problem is overcome and I become very productive. The trick for me now is to let this happen during the whole day.
So once again, I would like to thank Hannes. This is a very insightful course – and I might even do it a third time just for fun! I know I am firmly on my way to a new beginning and to a wealthier, more exciting life!

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