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Willem Du Plessis

The Kaizen Challenge, was it life changing? I would like to think of it as mind changing, because that is where it all starts, and that is how it becomes life changing.

A lot of things however have already changed. The biggest for me is that I am concentrating hard every day to keep out the negative things that other people are trying to shove down my throat. When they complain, I just smile, knowing that I choose my own path and that I will get there where they think is impossible.
I have realized how important my own body really is and that I need to take better care of it, take control. I use vitamins because I know that we don`t get enough nutrition from today`s food but I only bought what I saw on TV, being advertised as the best. But was it? Take control!
Another thing that I realized was that I wasn`t seeing opportunities, because I didn`t take interest in what was going on around me. I started talking to people, asked them what they did, how it works, how they make money as a business (Relationships). Most of these people were clients of mine or I of them. Since then I have seen so many opportunities that I don`t know where to begin. Best of all is I have a system now that I can use to see if it is a good or bad investment. The Formula For Riches.
In June last year I invested R13 600. Today the same investment is worth R39 000 that is a growth of almost 200 % in less than a year. Very good I think.
That was before I heard about Hannes Dreyer and bought a couple of his courses. Now I can turn that growth to infinite. And this investment weren`t even in property, but it could become that. People will laugh if they knew what I did.
I think that the biggest lesson for me was that you have to take control. Nothing will happen if you do nothing. Keep on doing what you are doing and you will keep on getting what you are getting. To get a different result, you have to do something different.
Now, usually that is where fear sets in and this is also what the Kaizen Challenge teaches you, how to get red of fear. What made a huge difference for me was the Bible verse that says He is in you and you in Him. If you can accept this and believe in it, and know that you have direct access to Him and the power that He provides it will be possible to do the impossible like to tell a mountain to move, and it will.
My plans for the future are to immediately start again with the Kaizen Challenge, to get to know myself better and better. To live a live worth living and to keep on growing in everything that I do.

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