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What Is Kaizen Wealth

What Is Kaizen Wealth?
It Is A Wealth Creators Way Of Life


Kaizen is a Japanese word that basically means constant and never-ending improvement.
In other words, you start where you are right now. And then every day you take the little, constant, regular steps that make you do better and better in all seven areas of Kaizen Wealth.
The Kaizen principle is rooted in ancient and little-known Japanese principles. Like nearly all such principles, it is streamlined, elegant, deceptively simple - and extremely powerful.
By simply understanding and applying the Kaizen technique, you can make ANY change in ANY area of wealth and achieve ANY goal you want to, no matter how hard it has been for you in the past.
And you can do it with virtually no effort or struggle whatsoever.
If there is anything in your life you are looking to change - your health, your job, your financial situation, your weight, your relationships, ANYTHING - Kaizen is the miracle that's going to empower you to really do it, once and for all.
The secret to Kaizen's power is the fact that it engages the brain in a completely different, much smarter, and infinitely more effective way than any other method. And by doing so, it is able to facilitate the changes that we so frequently seek but so seldom achieve.
Essentially, Kaizen disarms the brain's fear response.
You see, you can only be in one of two states – fear or growth.
When you feel in any way threatened – and it can be as simple as just feeling stressed at work – your body and mind go into survival mode, which means they switch energy away from growth.
As humans we are programmed by the Universe to grow in all areas of life – that is mentally, spiritually and physically.
As you will see during the Kaizen Challenge, it is actually an imperative of life, a law of the universe, and one which we ignore or reject at our own peril.
The price we pay for avoiding growth is bitterness and regrets, poverty, broken relationships, disappointment in life.
At the age of 70, 80, even 90, there is no reason to stop growing – and so much to gain.
Who would say no to the feeling of joy, insight, excitement, love of life, and that wonderful feeling of being alive, truly alive?
This is the blessing of personal growth and as you will see, personal growth is absolutely central to wealth creation and the Kaizen Wealth Personal Development Program.
But if fear, which is a very primitive survival reflex, kicks in without our knowledge or permission, and stops us in our tracks, what can we do about that?
Well the good news is that instead of activating fear, Kaizen gets around it, presenting ideas for change in a way that literally melts the brain's resistance and makes it impossible for it not to do what you want it to do.
Soon after you start using Kaizen Wealth, your brain begins to create new neural pathways.
In effect, you develop a whole new mental software that automatically propels you toward the change you seek, without any anxiety or resistance on your part.
Without trying, without even really thinking about it, you will automatically take the steps and actions that will get you the results you're looking for.
The benefits of Kaizen Wealth are truly amazing.
Once you discover exactly what this profound technique is and start applying it, you'll find that, without even realizing you are doing it, you're creating and maintaining changes you may have considered too difficult or even impossible before.
There's no limit to what Kaizen's power has done or can do.
Kaizen Wealth is a way of life.
Now Let’s look at wealth for a moment.
The word “wealth” comes from the old English word "weal", which means "well-being". That is very interesting because there is no mention of money!
Too many people chase money, thinking it is the route to happiness, and then they are disappointed when they get there.
I have made this mistake myself.
But it was only when I realized that wealth is about much more than just money, that I was able to build happiness and fulfillment in every area of life.
The only way to have this wellbeing-ness - so to speak - is to have it in all areas of life.
There are seven basic areas that we have to master in order to experience true Kaizen Wealth – or wellbeing-ness - and they are the:
  • spiritual,
  • mental,
  • financial,
  • vocational,
  • family,
  • social and
  • physical sides of our lives.
We all know that without good health all the money in the world will not make you happy and fulfilled.
And that if your relationships are alienated and unsatisfactory, you cannot be happy even if you have millions.
Mistaking money for wealth is a common mistake, and it is only when you widen your definition, and also take care of your human need for growth and contribution, that you can experience true wealth
Now most people immediately assume that when I say this I mean you must have a balance in life.
Balance is Bogus
But in trying to have balance they are setting themselves up for failure because there cannot be a balance.

Let me explain what I am saying.

The moment something is in balance there is no movement. No movement means stagnation.

According to the universal law of cycles whenever a living thing – plant, animal or human – is not growing, it is dying.

Most people think we are physical beings having a spiritual experience. This is simply not true. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and as spiritual beings our two most important needs are to grow and to contribute.

Unless we grow in all seven areas in our lives, we will not experience a sense of wellbeing-ness. Also - I have never met a balanced person in my life, it is impossible.
How can you honestly work 8 hours, and then try to spend 8 hours in each of the six remaining areas of your life?
It’s impossible and this is why I say most people set themselves up for failure
What Is A Wealth Creator?



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Henrico Hanekom
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Marius Van Wyk
  I want to take this opportunity in thanking you for your efforts in making it easy (simple) for us in taking responsibility for our success/future by creating mediums eg the Kaizen Challenge.   In my specific case, I want to go back in the past and not only focus on the Kaizen Challenge. As is the case with a lot of other students, I met you some time ago and since then subscribed to all your seminars, training courses, DVD’s, E-books, software, programmes, fire-walking... Read more...
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Jo Moreau
When I started the Kaizen Challenge I was already doing my meditations and affirmations. With the surplus of control over my thoughts and the daily goals I managed to manifest and enjoy a lot of my plans. I get more and more confirmation every day in books like "Life is a gift" from Gill Edwards and off course Abraham, Read more...
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